Earn Points

How you Earn Points

Added Value to Increase your Staff Potential

Members will receive points based on every dollar spent on Drake permanent recruitment and temporary staffing.

Points are calculated based on the invoice amount generated to a member within a particular Drake financial month (see Terms & Conditions).

Point Accumulation

  • 10 points earned for every $100 spent on Permanent Staffing.
  • 10 points earned for every $1,200 spent on Flexible Staffing.


  • Unused points will expire 24 months from the date they were earned.


  • 10 points redeemed = $5 sales credit.

If you do not have enough points to complete your purchase, you may pay for the balance on a credit card.

Eligibility Criteria

All clients who have used any Drake Recruitment Service are eligible to join Club Drake.

Members must adhere to their payment terms in order to maintain eligibility and earn points.

Temporary staffing clients must use the Drake Online time sheeting system to be eligible.


Any organisation operating under a Preferred Supplier Agreement is not eligible for Club Drake status.

Points may not be redeemed for temporary or permanent recruitment services.

Terms & Conditions

All clients will be opted in automatically, EXCEPT for Flex clients who are not using Drake Online or any organizations under a Preferred Supplier Agreement.

Points will be calculated monthly according to the Drake calendar month.

Points will be provided to members clients based on where the business is done and the account is invoiced.

For accounts that are invoiced at a national level, only national contacts can redeem points, not local contacts.

Points to be calculated based on Invoice Date, at the end of each calendar month, starting on July 2014.