Business Logistics

We are passionate about liberating our clients so you can spend more time with your customers.

Drake Business Logistics (DBL) is a specialist provider within the business process outsourcing market focusing on Mailroom, Corporate Office Services and Digital Workflow Solutions.

DBL has recently been formed as a subsidiary of Drake Australia Pty Ltd and is powered by Swiss Post Solutions Technology. 

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a specialist provider of mailroom and digital information solutions; SPS is the global business process outsourcing entity of Swiss Post.  SPS operates in 16 countries.  SPS has licensed a range of technology enablers and solutions to DBL and works closely with DBL in the Australasian market to deliver client solutions.  SPS is a global leader in its field.

DBL adopts a flexible approach towards achieving our clients' preferred service model and have a range of technology solutions and process experience to support our clients' requirements.

Business Process Solutions:

  • Mailroom & Logistics
  • Office Services
  • Records Management
  • Technology Solutions and Support Tools
  • E-Business Solutions
  • Managed Print & Reprographics
  • Document Processing
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