Learning Management Systems

Administer, track, document, and report on training allowing your organisation to offer interactive online courses, classroom and in-person events, on-the-job training, moderated forums, Webinars, and training documents.

What can the Exponential Impact LMS do for you?

  • Help align learning initiatives with strategic goals
  • Simplify global certification efforts
  • Replace fragmented learning methods with one that is efficient, consistent, and centralized
  • Provide a systematic way to increase competencies and performance
  • Track progress and performance across all types of training activities
  • Automate tedious administrative and reporting tasks related to training

Learning Features:

  • Offer online, classroom, or blended training
  • Record on-the-job training 
  • Deliver randomized assessments
  • Auto-generate printable certificates 
  • Host collaborative learning forums 
  • Gather student surveys
  • Communicate with news, noticeboards, and automated email notifications
  • Manage content reviews with workflows 
  • Run robust reports 
  • Upload third-party SCORM-compliant courseware 
  • Sell courses via an e-commerce catalog

Compliance Features:

If your organisation is required to comply with government or other agency regulations, you may be called upon to prove that you provided training to employees or members. That's where the Exponential Impact LMS shines.

Our compliancy features meet strict government standards, allowing you to:

  • Require digital signature of students during training to verify identity
  • Enter multiple levels of digital signatures from supervisors
  • Track all changes to content and training records via audit trails
  • Run audit reports that show details of each user's training record
  • Set up content rules to require retraining on a set date or after a period
  • Send automated training notifications
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