Workplace Health and Safety

Drake Honey can record and manage all incidents and hazards, automate workflow to drive compliance, dashboard reporting accessible via any web browser.

The Health & Safety module reduces the administrative burden of managing your health and safety risks by streamlining and automating your health and safety requirements.

Identify hazards, assign to worksites and develop action plans.

You can now take control and understand the risk profile of your business, helping you to identify initial/uncontrolled risks associated with hazards and then the residual controlled risk once control actions are applied. The module provides the power to establish your own risk rating and associated matrix, or, utilise an existing risk rating and matrix template. Users can also dynamically review risk controls and ensure they are working effectively in both their design and operation.

Drake Honey Health & Safety allows for the identification of new work processes, new equipment or materials that eliminate or make an identified hazard safer. In identifying hazards as clearly and effectively as this Honey module does, employees in turn further appreciate your corporate values with a demonstrated and serious commitment to their individual safety. 


  • Helps to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and prevent tragic and costly accidents.
  • Allow employers to meet their duties under relative legalisation to ensure the safety of employees at work and other individuals in the work place.
  • Boosts staff retention and leads to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduces the significant cost of lost time and return to work commitments.
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