Human Resource Information Systems

Drake Honey is more than just another HR system. It has been created with you in mind - to represent High Performance.

With Honey’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS) you can select from a number of modules that can sit independently of the full system, or join seamlessly to the complete HRIS solution.

  • The Organisation Chart module serves as the core interface for maintaining the employee master record; the central data component of all employee information. This is the key reference for all the other Honey modules.
  • The Time and Attendance module provides an online, holistic view of time and attendance activities for all employees. With Honey’s Access Control List (ACL) technology, managers only see employees within their area of responsibility and/ or delegated authority.
  • The Self-Service module empowers managers and employees to access and manage key information such as action tasks, time & attendance and leave requests, etc.
  • The Rostering module has been designed to ensure you have everyone you need and no one you don’t. You may defining your requirements by location and role, including specific attributes, skills and qualifications.
  • With the Payroll module you create your own payroll work flow. Honey Payroll allows you to define how each process occurs and provides time saving automation of recurring pay elements and posting to a general ledger. The system is highly-configurable to your specific requirements. 
  • The Health & Safety module reduces the administrative burden of managing your health and safety risks by streamlining and automating your health and safety requirements. Identify hazards, assign to worksites and develop action plans.
  • The Honey Job Description module provides an online job description creator, with an unlimited number of potential templates derived from your competency libraries.  This module allows for full clarity of the job roles while linking to your organisational strategy.
  • The Performance Management module will allow you to begin at the recruitment phase and touch on every aspect of an employee’s life cycle. This module provides for on-line performance assessment and management, with 360 degree feedback.
  • The Honey Recruitment module centralises your recruitment process providing you client-definable applications and candidate assessments ensuring you always select the best people for the job. Honey Recruitment is a single solution designed to enable organisations to integrate with preferred jobs board and their internal web site careers section to identify and nurture relationships for optimum placement. 
  • Honey Training manages the training course calendar and fully integrates with the Employee Self-Service module for training request management. It is also fully compatible with Honey Rostering for qualifications and skills. This module will automatically identify people being ‘skilled’ as training is completed. 
  • The Honey Induction module make induction easier with our automated task and communication workflow engine. You’ll realise higher productivity as new employees quickly learn the job and the organization.
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