Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning involves identifying, assessing, developing and sustaining the employee workforce skills required to successfully accomplish business goals and priorities while balancing the needs and expectations of employees.

The Victorian Government "Skills for Growth" program provides organisations that have between 1 and 200 FTE staff employed in Victoria with free access to a specialist workforce planning consultant who will work with you to identify your strategic business aims and objectives, and develop your workforce plan and training plan.

Drake has been appointed as an independent specialist workforce planning consultant by the Victorian Government to work with organisations to:

  • Identify strategic priorities for the organisation
  • Assess their workforce skills and their training needs
  • Establish a Workforce Plan
  • Provide a tailored Training Plan for employees
  • Assist the organisation in placing employees into accredited training courses

Contact Drake now for more information and to access the Victorian Government funded Skills for Growth program.

Benefits that your organisation will gain from developing a workforce plan include:

  • Access to an experienced specialist workforce planning consultants at no cost to you
  • Establish a workforce plan for your human resource needs, which will help avoid future skills shortage challenges
  • Identify in a training plan the critical skills which will help to increase your competitiveness, and the training which will improve employee retention
  • Access to government subsidisation for your training, which is available to organisations in the "Skills for Growth" program
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