Performance Management

Do your managers believe your performance management process is efficient and effective? Or do they feel the process is disconnected from the real needs of your business? Why isn't your performance management system working as well as you hoped? Perhaps managers have never been trained on giving feedback. Maybe it is just too time-consuming?

Drake can diagnose what needs to be changed and can help you align the values and objectives of your company with the behaviours of your peak performers.

Our HR Consultants will help you identify improvement opportunities in your process and turn performance management into a valuable tool to drive real business improvement. We’ll build and align a performance management solution to suit your unique organisational culture and profile of your employees.

Drake’s Performance Management solution:

  • Aligns your company's objectives with the behaviours of your employees
  • Cuts down on complexity and time spent on the process
  • Ensures clarity of work expectations and standards
  • Provides advice on setting up a performance management system that delivers results
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