Exit Interviews

What are the top three reasons good employees leave your organisation? How much does the loss of talent cost your organisation? Could you have retained employees with a few simple changes?

Without a professional exit interview program, it’s very difficult to know. Departing employees usually give their employer a polite reason for leaving, not the real story or what you could have done to keep them.

Exit interviews facilitated by a Drake Consultant will provide you with deeper, more accurate information than interviews conducted by an internal employee. They generate valuable insights into the reasons why talent is leaving your organisation, allowing you to address issues head-on and avoid future turnover. An exit interview program is an investment that can save you a significant amount of time and money down the road.

Our Exit Interview Solution:

  • Ensures exit interviews are done professionally and on time
  • Guarantees anonymity resulting in more honest answers
  • Generates insights on why employees leave
  • Provides recommendations on opportunities for improvement
  • Provides objective analysis and identifies trends
  • Saves time and money by reducing turnover and retaining top performers

Exit interviews will be conducted over the phone. The price per interview includes a summary of results provided to you on a quarterly basis. An analysis and recommendations report is available at an additional cost.

Request a Quote Please note - Based on the total value of this solution, only 10% of it can be paid for through points redemption. 1 800 CLBDRK